Tuesday, 30 September 2008


We've been quiet but soon we'll be loud.

We had an amazing rehearsal last Sunday where we mostly sorted out 2 new songs that we'll be recording soon for the 4th LP.

This Sunday Danielle & I will be appearing LIVE on the Russel Kane show on Q Radio.

In November we'll be playing in London for the first time in ages & then on December the 13th we'll be playing in Cardiff for the first time in about a year & a half. Did you miss us?...no.

Monday, 22 September 2008

Guess What? I've Got A Fever & The Only Cure...

...is more cowbell.

We're not doing much at the moment so here's this.

The Loves "Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!" as produced by the legendary Bruce Dickinson. I tried putting it on here but it's having none of it so go here...


Saturday, 6 September 2008

Offset & That

We played Offset festival last week & it went amazingly. I thought.

The day started on a blurry note because I went out the night before & got wrekt like a train so I was a little fuzzy til we got to the site & then everything became real.

We got backstage passes & got to swan about wherever we wanted to which was fun.

I was sleeping in a tent for the 1st time which threw me a little. I don't own a sleeping bag so I took a duvet (when I told a girl I saw from Cardiff this later she said she'd sleep with me but she didn't...hmmm...girls)

Our stage was running a little late but that was fine with us more time to look at Tim Burgess' awful haircut & 2 of The Horrors (who later when I was drunk I said "I liked your LP more than I thought I would"). Our drummer Jonny went into the photo pit to take photos of Young Knives with prompting from us.

Glamchops were on before us & I got all flustered by the troupe of dancing Panther Girls that were onstage with them. Nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnngh. Is all I can say.

There was no nerves on show from Gerard our new guitarist beforehand which impressed me. He did ask why I was giving him a bit of paper with the songs on though which was quite cute.

Everyone was laying down by the time we went on. It was like Woodstock if all of Woodstock was populated by people dressed like Nick Grimshaw.

We rocked the shit out them & then got drunk & went on the dodgems with Louise out of The Victorian English Gentlemens Club. Funtimes. Gerard banged into her too many times I think.

We danced a while in an R AND B tent. Some bad bois kicked Gerards pint over & he almost chivved them up.

We went to Ed's tent to drink & talk about my 1st girlfriend getting married that weekend & then we went a'wanderin'.

I made friends by quoting "Anchorman" (Yeah, I'm that cool) & then we found a man with sunglasses taped to his face who gave us a guitar. We sat on the floor & I started having a song duel with a long haired ginger man.

We made friends with 2 girls called Becky (one of whom looked like Peepshow's Olivia Colman but better) & talked films inbetween dealing out riffs & songs. My gems were- Here Comes Your Man, Who's Got The Crack, We All Stand Together & A Kiss Is Not A Contract. I also remember playing The Hymn For The Cigarettes with Ed & I singing for all our worth at one point...

Got back to my tent at about 5.30 so didn't have long to deal with the creeping damp before I woke up & went to get breakfast with Gerard at 10.

All in all a good time. I'm not sleeping in a fucking tent again though.